Villento Casino


Villento Casino

Gamblers love the Villento Casino because it offers so many great games and promotions. It is a lot of fun for everybody to visit the website and sign in the casino. Members enjoy the promotions and bonuses that are offered. A whole world full of exciting experiences.

• Bonus offers

The bonus offer for new players is 1,000 right away. There are also plenty of other great bonuses and promotions available for members and regular player.

• Free Play

For people that aren’t sure about becoming a member, they have the option of using the free play. This will allow them to check out some games and play for free, with the option to claim some of the winnings, until the players decide that they want to use real money or move to another casino.

• Download and/or Flash options

Using the download for the software on the site is free and recommended to receive the full games offer. People are able to use the Flash Version, which will allow them to play from different location, without the need of the software. This is a great option for people that like to travel or are in holidays, so they can enjoy their pleasure of gambling.

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• Games

Players can enjoy their choice of fantastic games at the casino. They will find that they can take part in Poker, Blackjack and a variety of Slot games. Players have all the information to find out how to play the games correctly available at their fingertips. They will also receive information about the proper way to bet in order to win the most money.

• Progressive Jackpots

Having Progressive Jackpots at hand is exciting for many players. They have the opportunity to hit it big win on many of the games. Progressive Jackpots keep growing on a daily basis.

• Tournaments

Playing in tournaments are very important for many gambler. The Villento Casino offers great tournament options for players to show their skills. They can play against other players, and try to win great money while enjoying their games.

• Platform

The Microgaming™ technology is world leading. It gives the players the ability to experience online gaming at its finest. It is a high-powered technology that provides the games and software for the ultimate casino experience.

• Language Offers

There are several different languages that are offered on the site. Some of them include, English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese. This is a service that the casino provides for the players to make it more convenient for them.

• Currency Offers

There are a variety of currency options on the casino site. They include CHF, CLP, AUD, CAD, $, € and £. Players have the convenience to play in their own currency or when not available, use a main one offered.

Payment Methods

To make deposits, players can use their Visa, MasterCard, Bank Debit Card or Wire Transfer. There are additional options available, for players that might need another way of paying, too.

• Payout

The payouts are impressive when people play on the Villento Casino. They will be able to get their winnings safe and in a short period of time.

• Customer Support / contact features

With the customer service representatives that are trained and professional, players will be able to get quick and fair answers to the questions that they have. Since they are available on a regular basis, 24-hours a day, gamblers will receive the attention that they need.

• Security Features

There are many gamblers that worry about security when playingonline. They will be able to feel safe with this casino, because it uses a 128-bit technology so a player’s information is totally secure.