About Us


3 Friends

We are three friends that have found Casino Wizkid in order to support other people to find the right casino for their gambling preferences – visit website. We know an awful lot about the online gaming world. Our background is extensive is this area, because we learned from playing in a variety of online casinos.

This is why the information that we have is so important and useful for others to have. We can provide them with the information that they are seeking for to turn a gamble into a winning game. This site was founded by us, Gareth, Matthew and Derek, and we prefer to give our visitors the absolute best reviews about gambling online and how the casinos stack up against each other.

The people that visit our website are across all ages. They are hobby gamblers that are looking for answers to their questions – beginner and experienced. Some of them are new players that have questions about how to play games, how to bet on them or just don’t have a clue. There are also veteran players that like to see our latest casino reviews in order to find a new one for them to play in.

Our Vision

The Casinowizkid.com vision came about when we had many of our friends asking questions about how to gamble online. Since it was a new experience for many people we were answering lots of questions for them. We decided to create a site that could help players, and thus the Casinowizkid.com site was born.

We have a Mission

Our mission is to give players an open and honest review of the different casinos that they can play with. Since there are many of them, we will continue to add more and more reviews to the site in order to help players pick the one that will be right for them.

Our Values and Ethics

We are always concerned about the people that need our help. Our values are solid and strong. We want people to experience a great online gambling experience with the help of our site. With our hard work, we will make sure that we provide visitors to our site with up – to – date information that they can use to assist them in deciding how to best enjoy their online gaming.

We provide honest information for gamblers to review. We get a lot of emails with positive feedback, saying that we handle our site in a very productive way. We work diligently to provide our visitors with the information that will benefit them.